This is a page of fun things to do while you are at home.
We will be putting ideas for activities, links to fun pages, quizzes, games and a whole lot more on here!
If you have any ideas contact us at fun&games
Big Church Day In!!
Sunday 24th May from 6pm
Matthew, Sarah, Lennon and Hollie had a fabulous weekend at Big Church Day Out last year.
Sadly we cannot all meet up there again this year, but we can all watch our favourite artists from their homes around the world singing all the best worship songs this Bank Holiday Weekend!
Who’s ready?!


There are a couple of apps you can try for online chat
Try out Virtual Taskmaster
Why not organise a Netflix Party!
We found our house – and even our car – it needs a clean, lol!!




There are loads of things you can be doing – check back for more ideas!
Can’t wait to see you all again soon!
p.s Don’t forget to send us pictures of what you’re up to!