Vergers Report 2017


My role as Verger is to ensure that everything is in place for the Services, especially Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals, and also special Services where the Verger leads any processions.

The word Virga is from a Latin description, and a Virger (modern way Verger) means to lead. The Vergers role was to lead processions in church and that is what still happens today.

Another very important part of my role is the care and welcome of visitors, making sure that they have the right service books and are comfortable about the service they are attending. I occasionally welcome and escort visiting dignitaries to their seats and answer any questions they may have regarding the service. It also helps to have a good knowledge about the history and locality of the church to help visitors.

This year we have had lots of Baptisms, and a few Weddings. Sadly,we have also had  a number of Funerals this year, including some long time members of St. Gabriel’s. These stick in my mind knowing how much we will miss them.


Mary Herbert

Verger for St. Gabriel’s Church