Flushed with Success!!
The Children of St. Gabriel’s
fundraise to support Toilet Twinning.    
During 2018 St. Gabriel’s Church underwent an extensive building project which resulted in us having lovely new toilet facilities. The fabulous children of our church realized that we were very lucky to have access to clean and safe toilets, while many people in the world are much less fortunate. They decided that they wanted to do something to help and chose to support toilettwinning.org.              

We needed to raise £60 by World Toilet Day on the 19th November to be able to twin one of our lovely new toilets, and help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy.  

We started out with a Cake Sale.
The children had great fun making and selling ‘toilet themed’ cakes to the congregation after our Sunday Service. Despite their dubious appearance – and the disgusting names chosen by the children such as 
‘Cocoa Plops’, ‘Chocolate Digested Cake’, and ‘Lemon Widdle Cakes’  – they really were very delicious!
They raised a fabulous
Having already beaten our initial £60 target we then decided to try to raise a total of £120 to twin two toilets.
So, next we ran a Toilet Quiz.
For an entry fee of £1 everyone had the chance to win an amazing prize – a Toilet Twinning Toilet Roll!!  The prize went to Emma for her winning high score – demonstrating an extensive knowledge of all things toilet related – of 13 out of 15!!

By World Toilet Day from the cake sale and the quiz the children had raised a massive



But we didn’t stop there!
With Christmas fast approaching we decided to shake up our traditional Nine Lessons and Carols Service and asked the children to lead us through a new interpretation of a traditional way of celebrating the joy of Christmas.
From our youngest child aged only 4 through to our oldest 12 year old, our children introduced and read the lessons, presented new and modern readings, and performed a poem with actions.
The collections from our carol service, and our annual chaotic but great fun Pop-Up Nativity were also added to the Toilet Twinning Fund.  
Inspired by the dedication of the children to their fundraising, and their success, we also received a few very kind donations to give us a Grand Total of  


  This has been donated to Toilet Twinning so that we have been able to twin all of our toilets, supporting the building of safe and clean toilets in countries that lack proper sanitation.     Family and children are at the very heart of St. Gabriel’s. This year the children of our church have amazed us all with their wonderful fundraising efforts to support toilet twinning and we are all very proud of them!