While we cannot meet up with you in person for our services right now we can still worship with you through live streaming on our YouTube channel
St Gabriel’s Church Popley
Please join us at 10.30am on Sunday Mornings

Opening Song:             Goodness of God (Meredith James)


Leader                           From the rising of the sun

                                      till its setting in the west

ALL:                               God’s Holy Name be praised


Leader:                          One the lips of children

                                      by babies at the breast

ALL:                               God’s Holy Name be praised


Leader:                          In the visions of the old

                                      and the dreaming of the young

ALL:                               God’s Holy Name be praised


Leader:                          In the banquet hall of heaven

                                      and the forgotten corners of our hearts

ALL:                               God’s Holy Name be praised


Leader:                          Let all that has life and breath

                                      Praise the Lord.

ALL:                               Amen, we praise the Lord.


Song:                            We believe (Life Worship)


Word of God


Prayer:                          O God our Creator

                                      Your kindness has brought us

                                      this gift of a new morning.

                                      Help us to leave yesterday

                                      and not to covet tomorrow

                                      but to accept the uniqueness of today.




                                      By your love celebrated in your Word

                                      seen in your Son

                                      brought near by your Spirit,

                                      take from us what we need to carry no longer

                                      so that we may be free again

                                      to choose to serve you

                                      and to be served by each other.





Prayer for Mothering Sunday:


Loving God, 
Thank you for mums and children 
and for all the joy of family life. 
Be with those who are grieving because they have no mother;
Be close to those who are struggling because they have no children;
Be near to those who are sad because they are far apart from those they love. Let your love be present in every home, 
And help your church to have eyes to see and ears to hear the needs of all who come.  We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.




Leader:                          Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon us.

ALL:                               We believe that God forgives and sets us free

                                      and at the day’s beginning we commit ourselves

                                      to follow where Christ calls

                                      and to loving one another.           


Leader:                          Lord, in these times

                                      when we fear we are losing hope

                                      or feel that our efforts are futile

                                      let us see in our hearts and minds

                                      the image of your resurrection,

                                      and let that be our source of courage and strength.

                                      With that, and in your company

                                      help us to face the challenges and struggles

                                      that lie ahead for our church, community and land.

                                                  (adapted from a prayer of The Church in the Philippines)




Leader:                          Lord, set your blessing on us

                                      as we begin this day together.

                                      Confirm in us the truth

                                      by which we rightly live;

                                      confront us with the truth

                                      from which we wrongly turn.


                                      We ask not for what we want

                                      but for what you know we need,

                                      as we offer this day and ourselves

                                      for you and to you

                                      through Jesus Christ our Saviour

ALL:                               Amen


Leader:                          The peace of the Lord be with you.

ALL:                               And also with you.


Song:                            Raise a hallelujah (Bethel Music)







Some material from Morning Prayer Liturgy E (from a Wee Worship Book, ©Wild Goose Worship).