APCM 2020

Thank you to everyone who came to the service to attend our APCM.                                                            We hope you all found it very interesting and informative.
Thank you to all the members of the PCC for their hard work and dedication for the last year.
Clare, Kate, Jennifer, Marilyn and Charlie have stepped down from the PCC, and we thank them for all their contributions over the years. 
We also welcome Jeanette, Steve, Denise and Lesley as new members to our PCC.
Please hold the members of the PCC in your prayers as they seek how best to guide us through the coming year.

While these reports are a reflection on the year ending 2019 we are now nearer to the end of 2020.      An APCM is normally held in April but clearly this just wasn’t possible this year.

2020 has turned out to be a difficult year for many, and a very different year to the one we were expecting and wishing for.

We know that for many 2021 may bring challenges and difficulties and we hope and pray that we at St. Gabriel’s will continue to help and support each other with love and care.

The APCM reports are available for you to read from here. As a look back on the last year at St. Gabriel’s they are very well worth reading!


Reports to the

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2020

You can download the reports by clicking on the links.
You can also request a copy of the reports by email to admin@stgabrielspopley.net

“I must conclude by saying a few words about the future.  2021 will see our retirement in July and C19 is presenting some serious challenges for the Church of England, for our Diocese and for our Deanery.

I have had a number of conversations with both Bishop David and our Area Dean.  Both assure me there is a plan in place. 

St Gabriel’s is highly regarded at diocesan level and is valued as a mission centred church and a potential model for other churches.  We are perceived as successful in our community outreach, our diversity and worship style. 

These conversations give me great confidence that even after Marilyn and I leave you St Gabriel’s will continue to flourish and to grow.”

With our love and our prayers


Vicar of Popley with Limes Park and Rooksdown, St Gabriel’s