Sides-Persons Report 2017


Many thanks to Rose, Annette, Millie and Eileen for all their work as sides-persons during the services for the last year. 

The sides-persons play an important part in ensuring that the services here at          St. Gabriel’s run smoothly every Sunday, and particularly that people that are new to the church, or who are visiting are made to feel welcome. The role is very interested and varied, and I have included a description here.


Sides-Persons Role Description

The following areas are the prime responsibility for the sides-persons at St. Gabriel’s

  • Greeting people, especially visitors and new people.
  • Distribution of service and music sheets as required.
  • Organising collection and offerings.
  • Supervision of people taking Communion.
  • Organising seating of the congregation at special services.
  • Being aware of the needs of visitors and helping new people.
  • Making sure everyone has the correct books and service sheets.
  • Being aware of the presence of children in the service.
  • Being sensitive to the needs of the whole congregation.
  • Working in partnership with the Church Wardens.
  • Arrive at the Church at least thirty minutes before the start of the service.

If anyone is interested in becoming a sides-person, please speak to Sheelagh.

Thank you.


Sheelagh Cooper

Sides-Person for St. Gabriel’s Church