Sacristan Report 2017


Another year has passed and everything has gone well, with no problems.

I would like to thank Jeremy who orders whatever is needed, and Sheelagh for getting the Communion wine. Thank you to both of them.

 We look forward to coming to church on Sundays to prepare the altar for Holy Communion. After the service Annette washes the chalices while I take everything back to the vestry to sort out for next week.

As well as the Bread and wine we also have non-alcoholic wine and also gluten free wafers.

It is a lovely feeling when we walk into the Church on a Sunday morning to do our work.

It is a blessing and a pleasure to serve as Sacristans and we are looking forward toward to the next year, I hope we have just as good a year and everything continues to run as smoothly. We feel very privileged. 


The Role of the Sacristan 

The Sacristan is an officer charged with care of the 

sacristy, the church

, and their contents. It is their duty to care for the sacred vessels, vestments, lights, etc. and the sacristan is appointed at the APCM. The Sacristan takes care of the decoration of the church for the different seasons and feasts, the preparation of what is necessary for the various ceremonies.


Rose Humphreys (Head Sacristan), and Annette Logan (Assistant Sacristan)

Sacristans for St. Gabriel’s Church