Pastoral Care Team Report 2017


Marion and Kate continue to be the initial point of contact for new requests, but there are many within the congregation who have for many years undertaken work that falls within the description of pastoral care, without seeking attention, and they and the team visit individuals both at home and in hospital.

The aim of pastoral care is to visit individuals who may be housebound either temporarily through illness or permanently or for individuals/families who may need support at difficult times such as bereavement.

Pastoral work is not primarily a religious visit but to offer a friendly face and support where needed in our local community and is not restricted to those who attend church. Visits have been made at requests for both single visits and ongoing support.

Fellowship at Abbey Court, which is led by Rose provides a time where residents, who experience both mobility and memory difficulties, can get together to sing old favourite hymns and pray remains a time of joy. We have had great fun over the past year sharing their memories and discussing present events in the world.

The Hope Café also provides pastoral care in enabling people who may be alone to get together.

A big thank you to all those who provide pastoral care in one form or another, and if there is anyone who knows of someone who might need support or would welcome a visit please let us know


Kate Fowkes and Marion Davies

Pastoral Care Team for St. Gabriel’s Church