Mothers’ Union at St. Gabriel’s Report 2017


Mothers’ Union members from various branches in North Hampshire have been pleased to support the Hope Cafe on a Tuesday morning since it started three and a half years ago and we look forward to continuing to provide that support.

Several members of the congregation are helping at MU Child Contact Centre in Basingstoke.  Thank you very much – you are a vital part of that team.

Families First has a monthly ‘Pop-up’ meeting on the last Thursday of each month at 10am.  The meetings are open to everyone – all are welcome.  At these meetings we try to answer questions about the Mothers’ Union, and explore the opportunities for individuals to become active in the mission based movement. 

What is happening?  Well, there are…

  • Celebration Services at Winchester Cathedral and Romsey Abbey as well as locally.
  • Education about our new Diocesan links; most recently learning about the Church of South India.
  • The possibility to run projects from St Gabriel’s to support refugees in Iraq and Syria, another opportunity is a knitting project to support children in Hoima Uganda.
  • When we have our new building – we may be able to run a Child Contact Centre.
  • We have funds available to run a Parenting Course.
  • Quiet Days at Wolvesey for personal spiritual development.
  • Cathedral prayers at Winchester on the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am, all are welcome.

So… we are currently going to these new events.

How about a New Branch of the Mothers Union at St Gabriel’s?  We are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s timing for this – will it begin this summer?

Mothers’ Union – Christian Care for Families Worldwide

Linden Hansen and

The Mothers’ Union Team at St. Gabriel’s Church