Mary’s Home Group Report 2017


Where does the time go?!! Almost twelve years since this group started.  I started it in my house, and later we then moved to the Church as it was more central for the members.  Four of us have been with the group since it started, and a couple have joined in the last few years, and now we number six, (as you can guess). 

We have formed friendships outside church and often I pick up my phone and it’s one of the group calling. It’s so comforting to know that there is always someone to listen, especially in times of illness or just general things that happen to us.  Due to viruses and other issues that have been happening we’ve not met this term, but have every intention of continuing after Easter. 

This group is a great pleasure to lead, so God willing we will continue to meet in God’s name.

God’s Blessings


Mary Herbert

Monday Home Group Leader for St. Gabriel’s Church