Why is Lent important?


Lent is a time of getting ready for Easter.


When Jesus was just getting started with his work, he went into the desert for 40 days to be all alone with God. He even went without food and prayed, and was tempted away from what God wanted him to do in all kinds of ways, but he resisted that temptation.

You can read that story here: Matthew 4:1-11.

During Lent, Christians often do something different too, like praying every day or reading the Bible. This reminds us of Jesus’ time in the desert to focus just on God and feel closer to him.

The good news is that Sundays are still celebration days – so you can take a break from fasting!
The last week of Lent is called Holy Week – during this time, the church remembers Jesus’ death on a cross.
Even young children can take part in Lent. For example giving up a sweet treat every day might remind children that we can live more simply.

Our church in Lent

St. Gabriel’s will look quite different during Lent. You might notice the colour purple, and there will be very few decorations or flowers. This is because it’s a time to concentrate on God and remember how Jesus gave up his life on a cross to save all of us.

Because Lent is a time to reflect, church music and songs will tend to be more reflective and services won’t include the word ‘Alleluia’ – a very joyful word to express praise for God.

It’s a big contrast when Easter Day arrives, when the colourful decorations come out, there’s lots of celebration, ‘Alleuias’ and joyful music!

Why not come along to a service here at St. Gabriel’s during Lent and see how it is different to other services you have been to, say at Christmas? Then come along on Easter Sunday and see how joyful the church is!