Flower Arranging Report 2017


We do all hope that you have enjoyed looking at our flower arrangements throughout the last year, as much as we enjoy putting them together, especially on the special occasions, we always like to bring you something different as well as the favourites.

As a team we always get together to talk about the big displays and in between go on a rota for two weeks at a time. Our team consists of Marilyn, Kate, Jackie and Mary.

We often get our inspiration from the internet, magazines and books, we often find that if we have a shape in our minds it becomes clearer and slightly easier, so that’s where pictures of other people’s come in handy, and we always discuss the colour scheme so that the buying is easier.

The ordinary weeks in the church are usually dictated by the colour scheme of the church, and in the summer months we find that we can experiment.

I know we have asked this before but without much success so I’m asking again, during the summer holidays we would like to open it up to anyone of you who would like to have a go! Please let us know if you have always had a yearning to do a flower display and we can fit you in between July and the end of August. Most of the flowers during the ordinary year in church are from the supermarkets so not expensive.

Which leads me on to say that if there is anyone out there who would like to sponsor any of our displays please let us know, and don’t forget that if you would like to have a display on the Memorial windowsill in memory of anyone please ask one of us.

We hope you continue to enjoy.


Marilyn Botham, Jackie Rapson, Kate Fowkes, and Mary Herbert

Flower Arranging Team for St. Gabriel’s Church