Churchwardens Report 2017



Reflection on the year


We were once again privileged to be elected as your Churchwardens. We were both able to attend the Archdeacons Visitation at St. John’s Hartley Wintney where we were officially admitted as Churchwardens.

Marion has continued her pastoral care work with Kate. This has been quieter during this year, but as a vital part of the ministry at St. Gabriel’s it is hoped that this will continue to develop.

Marion also attended Marnel Infants School along with Arthur, when they joined the growing number of schools affiliated by the Church of England. The ceremony was also attended by Bishop David who unveiled a commemorative plaque and blessed the school’s new building. This is an exciting new partnership that brings Marnel Infants and St. Gabriel’s closer together for the common good of the community.

Kelvin has been involved with the Buildings Project, meeting with Studio 4 our architects, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, and with various surveyors, all to keep the project moving forward to the stage we are at now where the start of construction is imminent.

Both Kelvin and Marion have taking over the role of acting Treasurer for the last year working together to ensure that the money the church has is spent wisely to further our works in the community.

This year we also had our Quinquennial Inspection, checking that the fabric of the building is sound, and an audit by our insurers to ensure that we have adequate cover if it isn’t!

The Log Book and Terrier is up to date.


Looking forward to next year

A big part of the coming year will be continuing to focus on Giving and also fundraising for our new buildings project.

Stewardship put simply is the conscious act of how we give/use our time, skills and money in thanksgiving to all that God has provided. The Familiar offertory response “all things come from you, and of your own do we give you” reminds us that all that we have is sourced from God’s provision. Offering these gifts is a joyful act for the sake of God’s world and can be experienced and expressed in many ways.

We are encouraged to give time, skills and money to support the work of St Gabriel’s Church and that of other charities that build God’s Kingdom. Much of this giving may be regular giving from our income, but we should also consider what we will do with the wealth we accumulate.


The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a centrally run professional donation system which seeks to provide an effective regular donation management system for our parishes.

The PGS enables a donor to donate to any parish registered with the scheme. Donations can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. They are collected by Direct Debit on the first day of the month. The gift plus any related Gift Aid is then passed on to the specified parish by the tenth of the month. Gift Aid is prepaid to enable the gross donation to be returned altogether.

By offering this scheme in a parish and through donors’ generous commitments, churches can be assured of a 

regular, tax efficient source of income which has the capacity to increase with the cost of living, yet involves virtually no administration. With the help of the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), donors benefit from a system that is secure, confidential and easy to use

, while supporting the Church today and for the future. Following the Stewardship Campaign during 2015 we now have several more people making use of the Parish Giving Scheme for their regular giving. This scheme enables us to get Gift Aid on giving without us having to claim it from HMRC, a much more efficient method.




Marion Davies and Kelvin Lewington

Churchwardens for St. Gabriel’s Church