Building Project Report 2017


Building for the future of our community to the glory of God

The focus of our plans for the coming year continues to be our projects to extend and refurbish both our hall and church.

Estimated Project costs and timescales

Phase 1:

         Extension to the hall to double its size. 

Phase 2:

         Flat roof extension to the rear providing community meeting rooms, new toilets, storage and plant rooms.

                        Extension to the front of the building to make a larger foyer to host permanent community café; provision of new office and buggy park.

Phase 3:

         Extend worship area to seat 200, provision of a larger vestry


Progress this year

It was decided that we needed to run both Phases 1 and 2 in conjunction, rather than as separate builds. This was to ensure that the funding would be used in the most cost effective way, as one building project, minimising disruption to the Church and Hall running.  This was then agreed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to amalgamate our LiF awards into one amount.

We still require additional funding in order to be able to complete the project, and we are continuing to seek funding bodies to make applications to.

Our architects, Studio 4, have advised and supported us at each stage of this ongoing work. We have now had a full structural, a QS, and a Mechanical and Engineering, (M&E), survey. All this preliminary work was used by Studio 4 to prepare a tender package which was sent out to a total of four contractors, who responded with bids to carry out the build. 

We also, with the kindly donated assistance of an advertising agency HCT Creative Limited, launched a new website, dedicated to the Buildings Project, ProjectG, which includes a ‘Just Giving’ donations link.

Where do we go next?

Bids have been received from the contractors, and we have chosen RV Dart as our preferred partner for the build.

We are currently fine-tuning some of the details of the specifications on the plans, and are confident of an imminent start to the building phase of the project.


Arthur Botham, Kelvin Lewington and Jeremy Jackman

Buildings Project Team for St. Gabriel’s Church

Faith in Community